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Webinar N5. COVID-19 & Public Health Systems

Webinar N5. COVID-19 & Public Health Systems
Webinar N5. COVID-19 & Public Health Systems

Date and time

Thursday 30th July 2020

30th July 2020 4:30pm JST | 9.30am CET

Event information


  • Ryoji Noritake, CEO and Board Member del Health and Global Policy Institute (Moderator)  
  • Dr. Ricardo Mexia, Vice President - Infectious Diseases Control, European Association of Public Health (EUPHA)
  • Hajime Inoue, Director General, Bureau of Strategic Planning, National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM)
  • Dr. Raquel Yotti, Director, Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid (ISCIII)    
  • Prof. Hiroyasu Iso, President of the Japanese Society of Public Health         


The EU and Japan are committed to address cross-border health problems, in particular by cooperating in the prevention and control of diseases. In the context of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, measures to strengthen and to reorganise public health services have been implemented in both territories. In this webinar, European and Japanese experts from both the public and private sector will analyse the impact of COVID-19 in the public health sector, including budget and policy responses, trends and projections.  

The webinar will be in Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation will be provided). Please be aware that the time and date of the webinar might change due to speakers’ availability. After your registration, you will be informed if there is any change.

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