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EU-Japan Seminar Series on Green Transition

The Delegation of the European Union to Japan hosted the “EU-Japan Seminar Series on Green Transition”  (14th, 17th and 18th of April) with the objective of providing an opportunity to debate European environmental and climate change policies with the broader stakeholders of policymakers, business community and the civil society in Japan.

To have access to the sessions and to the materials shared by Key Speakers, please find below the recordings and presentations available to download.  

Seminar on Batteries (14th April, 2023)

Seminar on Renewable energy:
~Testimonies from European and Japanese SMEs~

(17th April, 2023)

To watch the session, please click here 

Seminar on Plastics: Creating a Circular Economy to End Plastic Pollution
(17th April, 2023)

Seminar on Climate Science
(18th April, 2023)

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