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Webinar N3. COVID-19 & Digitalisation of Society

Webinar N3. COVID-19 & Digitalisation of Society
Webinar N3. COVID-19 & Digitalisation of Society

Date and time

Thursday 2nd July 2020

2nd July 2020 4:30pm JST | 9.30am CET

Event information


  • Miya Mariko , Digital Analyst , KeyConnect.Inc (Moderator)                
  • Gerard de Graaf, Director, Digital Single Market, DG Connect, European Commission
  • Fukunaga Tetsuro, Director-General for International Cyber Economy Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan  
  • Yvo Volman, Head of Unit, Data Policy and Innovation, DG Connect, European Commission
  • Prof. Miyata Hiroaki, Keio University   
  • Andreas Tegge, Head Global Public Policy, SAP SE           

Digitalisation will play a central role in recovering from the crisis wrought by COVID-19. Already during the crisis, digital solutions, including enabling people to work and learn remotely, helped reduce the adverse impact of the pandemic and helped many businesses to stay open. COVID-19 has shown that digital technologies are essential to the functioning of today’s global economy and underline their transformational potential. But digital technologies are also generating new policy issues. Policy makers in Japan and the EU need to ensure that the infrastructure, the connectivity and the regulations are in place to respond to the coronavirus and to keep people active and safe online. In this webinar, European and Japanese experts will share views about the role of digitalisation for the recovery and how they can contribute to a green recovery by addressing topics such as data governance and privacy, digital innovation or the interoperability of digital services between the EU and Japan.  

The webinar will be in Japanese and English (simultaneous interpretation will be provided). Please be aware that the time and date of the webinar might change due to speakers’ availability. After your registration, you will be informed if there is any change.

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